5 Things We Want to See in Logan

Logan, Hugh Jackman’s swan song as the fan favorite mutant Wolverine is just around the corner. Critics are already raving about it and anticipation is at an all-time high. With a kick-ass trailer and an R-rating to boot, fans have been geeking out for the Wolverine we all know and love. Just before the movie is released, here are the top 5 things we’re looking forward to seeing in the big screen.

1. X-23


Laura Kinney or X-23 is Wolverine’s clone in the comics. Complete with Logan’s healing factor, feral instincts, and adamantium claws, X-23 has become one of Marvel’s most effective killers. We know that X-23 will be in the film, but will she have the same ferocity as her comic book counterpart? If the trailers are any indication, then we’re up for some bloody fight scenes.

2. The X-Men


Logan is set in a future where mutants are on the brink of extinction. The trailers hinted that the X-Men are long gone. Whether they’re dead or in hiding are yet to be revealed, but fans are hoping for a cameo of sorts, maybe in the form of flashbacks or easter eggs.

3. Deadpool


Wade Wilson’s newfound fame has put him on everyone’s radar after his successful cinematic debut. Given shared universe of the X-Men franchise, it’s very much possible for Deadpool to make an appearance. However, the tonal difference between Deadpool and Logan is too contrasting that this wish seems improbable. Personally, I’ll settle for an easter egg.

4. Wolverine’s Yellow Costume

Wolverine Yellow Costume

The classic costume we know from the comics and the cartoons has eluded us in the X-Men movies. Instead we’ve been given rather bland and generic black costumes for a more “grounded” and “realistic” look. Hugh Jackman has been teasing the yellow costume in Twitter, which has led fans to speculate that we’ll see him in yellow and blue to some capacity in Logan.

5. Death of Wolverine

Death of Wolverine

We know that this will be Hugh’s final stint as Wolverine and we know that Wolverine is already dead in the comics. The question in everyone’s mind is how the movie will address his departure. Will he have a heroic death? Will he die at all? Now that, Hugh is gone, who will play Wolverine next? Will X-23 take up the mantle like she did in the comics? So many questions surround Logan and only one thing is certain: we will all miss Hugh Jackman.

3 responses to “5 Things We Want to See in Logan

  1. In a weird way, I’m kind of okay with the fact that we never got to see Jackman dawn the yellow costume. Great film though and definitely a worthy sendoff for him.


    • I feel ya. The costume is the least of my concerns, but it would have been the best fan service in any comic book movie. Haha. Fantastic film, nonetheless.


      • Would have been great if there were an after-credit scene where he was trying the suit on and Deadpool busted in and started making fun of how ridiculous he looked. I wanted to ask you though, do you ever share your work on any film/TV sites? I’m actually a community manager here at moviepilot.com and if you’re up for it would love to showcase some of your articles on our site.


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